MINI DRAGONS – 3yr olds

Our Mini Dragons classes have been designed especially for 3yr olds. Children’s early socialization skills are developed through physical activity.It’s all about being active and having fun.

Parents are more than welcome to come into the class and participate alongside their little one. Value is put on “giving things a go” and perseverance.

KINDAS– 4 & 5yr olds

Our Kinda program engages children in age appropriate activities; promotes early socializing skills and physical activity. Children also learn to follow instructions, develop their listening skills and work on their concentration and co-ordination in readiness for primary school.

Our Kinda program is a great introduction to the basics of karate, with emphasis put on “doing our best”.

JUNIORS – 6 & 15yr olds

Our Junior program is divided into several classes by age and skill level.The program is delivered to maximize student’s potential, giving your child life skills they can take into adulthood.

Through our belt system, children are encouraged to set goals in karate, and work hard towards achieving those goals. They learn that perseverance and commitment are required to move forward.

TEEN & ADULTS – 16yrs & above

Our Teens and Adults program is delivered in a way that not only gives our students a sound understanding of karate, but sees their fitness and endurance tested.

The classes are geared for the mature student which sees self-defense as a focal point. Each belt level sees students faced with new challenges. Individuals are constantly motivated to progress further on their journey to Black Belt.


This class is for women who want to train with like-minded ladies. Our Ladies classes run in the morning during school term. Delivered by Sensei Dalila, the classes are designed to get the most out of students.

Karate forms the basis of the training, with fitness and self-defense also mixed in. This class is great for women who want to learn how to defend themselves and improve their overall fitness.


We have dedicated Family classes, especially for parents who want to train alongside with their child/ren.

There are not many sports where you can do that! Not only are our Family classes time savers, giving adults and children a class to train at the same time, but they are a great way to bond with your child through a common interest.