Sensei Alex

As a child growing up in Brazil, l’d always wanted to learn karate, but my parents enrolled me in swimming instead to help with my Asthma, and karate was put on the backburner. Even so, the yearning to learn karate never left me. The years quickly passed and before you know it, l had married, migrated to Australia and had kids of my own.

When my two boys were 5 and 6, we enrolled them into karate at a local karate school. Believing l was too old to take up karate l never thought of starting myself. That was until one day when l did a trial class. From that day forward, l never looked back. (I still remember stepping onto the dojo mats for the first time and thinking that finally l was going to fulfil a dream of mine.) I realised that l wasn’t too old to have a go after all.

My journey to Black Belt had finally begun. Over the next four years I attended every class l could. I particularly enjoyed the self defence aspect of karate.

My final year to Black Belt was not an easy one; l had many obstacles. l was told that l had to have a double hernia operation. This put my training back by months. That same year, l was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This left me feeling shocked to say the least. But l never lost sight of my dream. Regaining my focus once again and with tonnes of hard work, l obtained my First Dan Black Belt in 2009 at the annual karate camp. For many, obtaining their Black Belt is the end of their journey. For me though, it was the start of a new journey and new challenges. I continued with my training and assisting in classes. I enjoyed passing on my karate knowledge, and so in November 2011, l opened my own karate school with my wife. Our new journey had begun.

Today as l watch our students train hard in each class, and grow as karatekas, l have great pride in all of them as they reach their own personal goals.
Karate for me is not just a sport, but a way of life. Karate principles flows through into my everyday life, as a matter of improving and trying to achieve and perform the best as l can possibly do, both physically and mentally, no matter what l’m doing. I believe Karate is a very personal sport.  It is up to you as to how much you want to put in. The more you put into karate, the more it will give back in your life.

Train hard to be your best
Sensei Alex
Alex has his NCAS Silver Level, WWC(Working With Children Check) and First Aid Level 2

Sensei Dalila

Traditional karate – it’s time honoured traditions and principles. The teachings to honour and respect ones sensei, ones elders and most importantly, one self.

I wasn’t a sporty person, so when my husband said to me – “Why don’t you join me in karate?” l laughed. But then l actually thought about it and thought, yes why not…l was already sitting there watching our boys through their class. Learning the terminology and moves to try and help them practice at home. My husband had also joined them – so l thought l’d give it a go. l bought myself a Gi (karate uniform) and l still remember the first day l walked into my first karate class. From that day I absolutely loved it!

I trained hard as l worked my way up to Black Belt, putting in 100% at each training session. I have trained with some great karatekas along the way who inspired me and I have made many friendships along the way.

Karate for me has been and continues to be about training hard. Pushing myself a little bit more, everytime. It challenges me both physically and mentally. With each new belt level, comes new challenges- new basics to learn, combinations, and katas. To go up for a grading and give it all that you have. To come out of it with a new belt and the satisfaction of knowing you did it! You gave your all. Nothing beats that sense of accomplishment.

I have been training in karate now for the past 12 years. Karate has changed my life in ways l never thought possible. My fitness has improved and my confidence has grown. It has helped me to believe in myself. I know my own strengths. I know how to defend myself. I have proven to myself that with hard work and commitment, l can do anything l put my mind to.

Today l teach karate to students at our dojo, from 3yr olds upwards. I have great pride in each and every one of our students as they embark on their own karate journey.

Sensei Dalila
Dalila has her NCAS Bronze level, WWC (Working With Children Check) and current First Aid Level 2.

Sensei Dylan

My karate journey began 14 years ago in 2005. I started karate when I was six years of age along with my younger brother Josh. As a youngster, karate was sometimes a bit of a struggle, there were many times where I thought about quitting karate, but my parents encouraged me to keep going. As I look back today, I’m very grateful for persevering as I have learned a lot about myself and my abilities. The year of 2010 was a turning point as I graded for my 1st Kyu. With that belt came a sense of great accomplishment and sparked an energy and motivation in me which was what pushed me towards my 1st Dan Black Belt which I graded for 2 years later in 2012.

Karate has helped me inside and outside the Dojo, with my everyday decisions.  My mental strength is a result of the positive training we are given and the positive people that train with us.

Thanks to my love of karate, I got the sports captain award at Lakeside College in 2015 and many sporting achievements during my high school years, many for running events where a lot of focus and mental strength and motivation was required. Karate has taught me self-control, self-discipline and respect for myself and for others.

My biggest passion today is passing on my knowledge to our juniors who always bring a smile to my face. I love seeing them all improving and achieving their goals. I’m very proud of all of them.

“Karate should be viewed not so much as a sport, but as a way of thinking, learning, and behaving. Karate is a way of life” Anything can be achieved with the right mindset!


Sensei Dylan

WWC,  First Aid Level 2

Sempai Josh

Hi, l’m Sempai Josh. I’m 17 years of age. I first started karate when I was just five years old. I was getting tired of doing swimming so dad suggested we try karate.

After training hard for 11 years, I successfully graded for my 2nd Dan black belt in July 2016.

My passion is Kata (forms). The detail in each move throughout the Kata and the application of each move. There is always improvement to be made in Kata.
Karate is a great way to keep fit. I have learned how to defend myself against attacks. The best thing about karate for me is that l get to meet some fantastic people and make new friendships.